Footcuckolding Session with Diana

Cuckolding Session with Diana & her new Lover
Diana uses her exboyfriend as her footstool while kissing her new lover. Just a footrest fo her Boots and bare Feet. She forced her ex boyfriend to clean her boots and feet during the sweet hours with the new guy

Her Ex boyfriend has to worship her feet

Her exboyfriend has to worship her bare feet while she enjoys the time with her new Lover

Footcuckold Session. Her Exboyfriend has to lick her boots

Footcuckold Femdom Situation.
Diana kisses her new Boyfriend and uses her ex to lick the butom of her boots in the meanwhile. Cruel Exgirlsfriend!!

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Cuckold for a young couple…. Lick her feet

Cuckold For Young Couple
Young Miss Cinn is so in love with Her boyfriend that She treats other guys like sh*t – especially when they’re stupid subs who’ll pay to massage Her feet while She makes out with Her boyfriend!

Cuckold Trip

Miss Tessa agreed to let footboy worship Her smooth 19 year-old soles after a date with Her man only if She could see him squirm with discomfort doing it in public. Cars & people watched while She fucked footboy’s mouth & laughed along w/Her boyfriend!

Cuckold Torture

Cuckold Torture Clip
NYC Domme Sara V loves making cuckold slaves weak by letting them know only Her b.f. can play with Her feet, suck Her toes & of course make out w/Her.

*Wanna be a real-life cuckold slave to Miss Sarah? She gives Her personal email address for those wanting to tribute Her or….kneel at Her feet in person while She enjoys Her man…wow.

eat my boyfriends feet LOSER!

So trust-fund-boy found a cruel blonde named Kendall who enjoys torturing Her slaves by making them worship Her man’s feet while the couple make out & laugh. The boyfriend had on sneakers & black socks but trust-fund-boy still got his tongue busy for a good 5-6 minutes out of this clip. And just when he started to slack off, Miss Kendall puts him back in line and tells him “Lick ‘em like you LIKE it!” then makes him kneel & tell the camera how much he enjoyed licking Her boyfriend’s feet!



Crushed Nuts and her boyfriends Feet (Footcuckold)

Girls Cuckold boys (HD)
HD Version

Pyscho Bitch Crystal is an avid ballkicker with a pretty boy boyfriend. Problem is his feet aren’t so clean so Crystal makes Her cuck slave lick ‘em. Ewww!! Guy feet!!!!.

Suck my and my boyfriends Feet Slave

Miss Crash says She loves when fan-boys come over & lick Her and Her boyfriend’s toes and serve as Their ashtray. This is a kick-back, candid & realistic clip where She speaks to Her audience while embarassing & humiliating trust-fund-boy. he told Her he’d do just about anything to hang out w/Her, so when She realized She could get him to lick Her boyfriend’s shoes AND his bare feet, She was all about it! (especially making fanboy remove Her boyfriend’s shoes AND black socks ewwww)

Miss Crash also gives you some bonus POV-cuckolding by showing you Her gorgeous soles, kissing Her Johnny Depp look-a-like boyfriend & extending an invitation to any Goddesses’ footboy watches who wanna come over & be the laughing-tool for Miss Crash & Her man.

Another great Foot Cuckold Video

Worship her Feet and Socks while she is kissing her new boyfriend

Ultimate Cuckold POV clip!
Miss Dakota Rose loves cuckold slave so we made this film of Her making out w/Her boyfriend while She takes off Her gym sneakers that She kept on for us until we got to Her house to shoot this. Dirty socks, whew! She tells Her audience to lick in between Her toes and gives you Her honest opinion of cuckolds. Awesome verbal humilation!