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eat my boyfriends feet LOSER!

So trust-fund-boy found a cruel blonde named Kendall who enjoys torturing Her slaves by making them worship Her man’s feet while the couple make out & laugh. The boyfriend had on sneakers & black socks but trust-fund-boy still got his tongue busy for a good 5-6 minutes out of this clip. And just when he […]

Crushed Nuts and her boyfriends Feet (Footcuckold)

Girls Cuckold boys (HD) HD Version Pyscho Bitch Crystal is an avid ballkicker with a pretty boy boyfriend. Problem is his feet aren’t so clean so Crystal makes Her cuck slave lick ‘em. Ewww!! Guy feet!!!!.

Suck my and my boyfriends Feet Slave

Miss Crash says She loves when fan-boys come over & lick Her and Her boyfriend’s toes and serve as Their ashtray. This is a kick-back, candid & realistic clip where She speaks to Her audience while embarassing & humiliating trust-fund-boy. he told Her he’d do just about anything to hang out w/Her, so when She […]

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One and a half MAN .. Foot Cuckold Session

The guy is the new bedroom slave… he hast to knee infront of the bed and has toworship the feet of his Ex Girlfriend and her new Boyfriend. Ok Brandy has gone too far. Slave: meet Derek. Derek gets to fuck Brandy, slave doesn’t even get to watch. She’s fucked up to do this to […]

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